Free Library of Philadelphia
How You Can Help

As a result of the state budget crisis and legislation impasse, the entire Free Library of Philadelphia system is set to close October 2nd. Follow the steps below and help us keep the Free Library open to all!

  1. Find your elected officials. Visit this interactive map and enter your zip code.
  2. CALL: If a phone number is provided, call your legislator and encourage them to do everything they can to keep the libraries open in Philadelphia.
  3. MAIL or FAX: Download our suggested letter (you can enter your legislator's address on the letter), print it out and sign it. Don't forget to mail or fax it today!

Calling, mailing letters, and sending faxes are the best ways to reach your elected officials and ensure that your voice is heard!

For more information please visit our We Need Action Now! page.

Learn more about our closings